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Episode 12: Behind the Scenes with Lucy Libido: A Marriage Chat

Life, love, and the pursuit of intimacy! Listen as Hannah and Crystal talk with special guest Lucy Libido on reclaiming your love life, fighting for unity, and making the time to invest in your marriage, even during the busiest seasons of life.


Episode 11: Pray BIGGER: Over Business, Family, Health, Finances

Prayer is huge when it comes to our everyday life. But - how BIG are you praying? Are you simply praying for things that your discipline can accomplish, or are you praying for the miraculous? Crystal Burchfield and Hannah Crews chat on how audacious prayer is changing the way they approach things with their business, family, health, and finances.


Episode 10: Back to Chivalry

In this tenth episode of Rise, Oil, and Shine, Crystal and Hannah discuss back to school, seasons of parenting, and bringing chivalry back. What family or business couldn’t use more courtesy, courage, honor, justice, and a readiness to help the weak? NO LONGER are we going to stay in a place of weakness - in our families, or in our business! It’s time to activate and rise to the challenge!


Episode 9: Ditching Your Junk, Fears, & Offenses

Do you struggle with offense? Have you been holding on to hurt from years past? Do you live in fear of failing in this business? Listen as Crystal and Hannah speak at the 2019 YL Spring Symposium, and share how to get unstuck in your life and business in ways you might not have considered before.


Episode 8: Fireside Chat on 2019: View the Promise, Not the Problem

We're here in 2019. Brand new year, brand new start. 2018 might have been tough for you, and maybe the beginning of 2019 hasn't gone as expected either. How can we continue with this year with hope for the future rather than discouragement from the past? Hannah and Crystal talk tips on how to do this in every aspect of your business and life through the promises of Jesus.


Episode 7: Where You Are is not Who You Are

Getting consumed with circumstances can make us lose sight of who we truly are in Christ, but also who we are as moms, wives, and business owners. Hannah Crews chats with special guest Brittany Ostebo on the four pillars of self esteem, as well as a practical challenge to RISE above, reminding us that the tough seasons won't last!

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Episode 6: UNSCRIPTED: Struggle, Perseverance, Comparison

Let's pretend we are all sitting together, on a couch, talking like girlfriends - in a raw, real, and heart-centered way. Crystal and Hannah share details of recent struggles, action steps for you to overcome emotional distress, and the importance of replacing comparison with compassion. 

Episode 5: What’s Your Vision? Plan it with Passion with Diamond Bethany Shipley

We all have a deep burning desire within us - but what do we do with this vision, when our lives are so busy? How can we take steps towards that vision with passion? Listen to Hannah and Crystal as they motivate you in this area, but also a practical tool from Diamond leader Bethany Shipley that will help you accomplish that vision with ease!


Episode 4: Let Purpose Fuel Your Drive with RCD April Pointer

If we truly knew our purpose, how would that affect our goals and decision making? If we truly knew what God's plan was, how much more would we move forward in our business? Listen as Crystal and Hannah chat with their first special guest - Royal Crown Diamond April Pointer - on how purpose can fuel your drive.



Episode 3: Who He Says We Are

Sometimes we limit ourselves because of what we're fearful of, or what we feel like we are incapable of accomplishing. However, what does Jesus say about this? Who does He say we are? Listen as Hannah and Crystal share about their way from fear to faith, and gain a few new activation steps on your journey of rising up!


Who Are You?

Episode 2: Who Are You?

During the first podcast, Crystal and Hannah briefly discussed their journey and struggles. Now, let's identify who you are - what your journey has been thus far, what you've been faced with, and what is holding you back. Be honest with yourself, identify your blockers, and step into the virtuous woman you are.


Episode 1: Who Are We?

Rise, Oil, and Shine is a movement of women entrepreneurs who are dedicated to uplifting one another with encouragement, truth, and unconditional love. This podcast shares the origin of this movement, and briefly touches on the stories and struggles experienced by Crystal and Hannah.